This little guy wouldn’t stop meowing on my back patio, so we gave him some chicken and he came in to be petted.

He left in the morning to join the other feral cats. At least he survived the night, not getting eaten by the raccoons that wander around.

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DoNOT Put Women on a Pedestal

Men, that woman you are infatuated with is going to go ugly. This is not an attack on women. It is the truth. Even the most beautiful womenwill lose that beauty as they age. Rachel Welch being the exception.

Guys also go ugly, too. Some, like Steven Tyler and McCauley Calkin, never were handsome. But, you know what, women still wanted them long after they turned into wretches.

This is because men attract women by their power, and looks has little to attract a woman, beyond giving him 30 seconds to say hello.

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America, Then And Now


Chateau Heartiste



This comparison was too juicy to pass up. The symbolism works on so many levels. LITERAL GELDED NATION.

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Dilbert 2015-01-01 #simpledilbert


Dilbert 2015-01-01 #simpledilbert

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Well, at least the Pirates of Penzance won’t hold me prisoner

Last week, at Midnight, my father passed away. My mom passed a couple months before.

So, now I am an orphan.

It’s a good thing they both taught me that I was on my own, long ago.

A year after starting this blog, I did some reflection. I needed to deal with my bitterness towarss his abandoning me when I was young. I would call him once a month.

In each call, you could hear the regret in his voice. Regret that he let me separate from him.  Regret that he didn’t make an effort to reconcile sooner.

He knew he had a limited amount of time, after being diagnoses with Leukemia. Well, the disease finally took his life.

As a tribute, my next post will be about the things he did teach me. It will be a while, because every time I start, I start crying.

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Zack Wylde and me


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I Curse the City of Chicago

As with most people today,  money is very tight for me. Each dollar I spend takes a prybar to open my fingers from clenching said cash.

I saved up to be able to see my dad.  He is dying. He has leukemia.

Flying out of O’Hare, I have to wait until tomorrow for my flight. As a result, I have found this is a city of people who value a quick buck over all else.

The prime example is the taxis. I catch a cab at the airport. The city pays guys to hail cabs. Something I could do myself, but no, you cannot hail a cab yourself.

I tell the cab hailer where I am staying. He tells the cabbie the address. Sounds simple, right?

Nope. The cabbie will drive away for a mile before asking the address. You are held captive. And, he will purposely miss the turn so he can add miles to tge fare. You are being hijacked.

I curse this city! I decry that you will have no championship in any sport until you repent and learn to love your fellow human being and not see him as a target to rob.

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