Things I have learned that my father should have taught me

1. Believe the Bible
2. If you are doing something for fun, buy the best equipment you can buy. If you cannot afford much, buy quality with fewer extras.
3. Never kiss up to my boss, nor anyone else.
4.  How to smoke a cigar.
5. Quantum Dating: Don’t walk a girl down the aisle on the first date.
6. How to walk away before I get myself in too deep
7. How to play cards
8. How to build and tell a joke
9. How to change a starter, and other car repairs
10. How to invest
11. How to impress women
12. How to shoot and care for firearms
13. How to find e-zones on women
14. How to smoke a pipe
15. Only smoke cigarettes if you roll your own, and only smoke those you roll
16.  How to camp and live off the land
I am sure there are other things I have learned that I will add to this list. This is a good start. My next step is to put these in the order of importance and then write on them on how to, and how I learned each.
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3 Responses to Things I have learned that my father should have taught me

  1. Knack says:

    Yea. Lots I wish my dad had taught me. In his defense, he tried somewhat, but I either wasnt ready (probably only very slightly true), wasnt listening (Often true), or he was not very effective in communicating his idea (often true).

    He did teach me a great deal about camping, guns, cars, fixing stuff though

  2. Lily says:

    3 out of 16 are about smoking!

    It is quite interesting that with each generation, parents have been spending more time with their children yet the feeling of not being taught enough gets more. Or seems like getting more. If you were dying at 50 or living through a war, you probably didn’t have much time to think about whether your parents taught you the right things lol.

    • senseiern says:

      Tobacco is tobacco, unless it is in a machined cigarette. Then it is a bit of leaf, a bit of rat turds, and a boatload of chemicals that do everything from making you addicted to making the thing go out so you don’t burn your house down.

      Pipe smoking is substantially different from cigars. When I get around to explaining pipe smoking, you will see.

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