How to find erogenous zones on women

One of the biggest complaints of women is that their man finishes way too soon. A big complaint of men is that their woman is a cold fish. The real problem is, these men are not preparing their woman for sex.

If all you plan on doing it pumping and dumping, you do not need to worry about her. If that is your plan, you do not need to read this. However, if you find a good woman, and want her to around for more than one time, read on.

On women, a gentle touch in certain areas of their body will do more to arouse them than compliments or candy. And, different areas are stronger on different areas.

Some, a touch on the back of the neck will make them shutter. Others, a finger on their wrist. Others, other areas. Each of those shutters is a mini-orgasm.

Here is the sure fire way to find your woman’s e-zones.

Call her early in the day and explain that tonight is for her. Tell her that she does not need to do anything, except relax. Tell her that you are taking care of everything.

She’ll asked what you have planned. Tell her, “See, you aren’t relaxing. Just don’t worry about it. I have everything in control.” no matter what she says, just stay with this. She will be thinking about you all day. That focus will have her mind going a million miles a minute, trying to figure out what you are doing. Tell her to change before coming to your place. Tell her to wear something comfortable, but classy. Tell her the only rule for the night is she cannot talk about work, nor any other worrisome issue she has. You will be happy to talk about that stuff tomorrow.

This mystery is what excites a woman. Just thinking about this will have her tingling. The moment she sees you, she will already be wet.

You will need some preparation. But, for less than $50, you will find out exactly what turns her on. You can go cheaper, and almost free, but spend as much as it is worth to you.

Start the night by making a dinner. You can even make Banquet $1 dinners. But, instead of having them in the cardboard boxes, take the time to put it on real plates. For drinks, have a nice wine or champagne. Even a $10 bottle will do. Have some easy songs playing. My choice is a Barry White CD, but do what you like.

You might wonder why a cheap meal works. It is because her thoughts all day will conform your cheap meal into the five course meal she imagined.

Finish your food quickly, tell her to keep eating, that you have to do something. Go to the bathroom and run a warm bath, not a hot bath. If you have them, put a little bath oil in the water…only a little because too much is bad…and light a couple candles.

Come back to the table, and sit while she finishes. She will want to talk. Speak gently to her. Do not let her talk about worries, work or anything negative. Gently explain that if she insists on talking about that stuff, she can end the night and go home. Assure her that you will be happy to talk about that stuff tomorrow.

Hold her to that. If she does keep talking about it, ask her to leave, and dump her tomorrow. You do not want a woman in your life who does not fall in line with your lead.

Women try to throw off a good situation to see if you are strong enough to keep going in the face of opposition.

As she finishes her food, she may try to clear the table. Tell her to not worry about it, that you will take care of it later, because tonight is just for her to relax.This is another attempt to throw you off.

Take her by the hand and lead her to the bath. Tell her to get undressed. She may object to you being there. Explain that you are not leaving, and besides, you’ve seen her naked before. She will comply. Tell her to get in the tub. She will reach for the wash cloth. Tell her to relax, because YOU are going to wash her.

Slowly. wash her back. The oils and warm water will help her relax, plus, starting with her back will feel like she is getting a massage.

Stay away from her hair. Women spend $100s to fix their hair. You mess it up, and she will be pissed. If she has long hair, ask her to  hold it while you wash her neck. She probably has makeup on, so stay away from her face, except, dab a little of her lip, explaining that she has a bit of food on it. Do this whether she does or not, because it is a great neg.

Be gentle.

Move to the front of her neck, then move your way down. down. As you move your hand to her shoulders, pay attention to how she reacts. She may want to talk. Let her. Speak gently in reply, and avoid confrontation.

As you touch areas, she is going to have slight tremors when you touch her e-zones. Some will be stronger than others. And, as you proceed, she will tremor more as you touch more of them.

Avoid the vag. She will be more excited about you touching it if you hold off until last.

When you get to her feet, massage them. Rub her toes. For some reason, women love this. Some don’t like their feet being touched. For them, just say, “That’s fine,” and move on.

Once you finish washing her, tell her to stand up. She will reach for the towel. Tell her to leave it alone. You are “going to dry her with kisses.”

Lead her to the bed. Have her lay down. Kiss all of the areas she tingled before. Again, start with her head.

First, kiss her passionately. Then nibble her earlobes. Then, kiss her neck.

When you get to her breasts, kiss around the nipple. Be gentle while sucking her nipples. lift her breast and kiss the crease. On many women, this is very exciting.

Spend time on  her stomach. Women love it when you spend time like this. as you move to her legs, again stay away from the vag. move down her legs. If she is not adverse to it, kiss her toes.

Once you’ve finished the rest of her body, feast on the v. There are videos online that can teach you that but until I get more familiar with the rules here, I won’t be sharing the link to the one I think teaches best. Just look around, you’ll find it.

By the time you get to the v, she will already have mini-o’s. She will have multiple major o’s very quickly. At this point, she will be so famished that she will do anything to and for you.

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4 Responses to How to find erogenous zones on women

  1. anonymouses anonymous says:


  2. Sensei says:

    And that might be your problem…you come first. 😉

  3. Yaruta the pupil says:

    but what do you if you never seen her naked before and you want to try something similar to this as like a first time expience thing sensei

    • senseiern says:

      Assume she will comply. She might say something about being embarassed, because she has never done something like this before. Assure her that you know what you are doing.

      However, if at any time she makes it clear she wants you to stop, stop. There is something she needs to work through before she is ready. What I described above is for a couple who are comfortable with each other. It can work on a first date, as I have, but you must be sure she is ready.

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