He’s the Man in the (Pine) Box

Rolling Stone Online reports : Alice In Chains Bassist Mike Starr Dies At 44 by Mike Green

Mike Starr, the original bassist in Alice In Chains who recently appeared on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, died March 8th in Salt Lake City of unknown causes. He was 44. Starr played with the grunge band on their first four studio LP’s – including their hit singles “Rooster” and “Man In The Box” – before leaving the band in 1993. He struggled with drugs during much of the past two decades, and last month was arrested in Salt Lake City after being caught with unauthorized prescription drugs.

Alice and NiN and others stood in the breach of the fight when pop threatened to effeminize and rap threatened to kill Rock ‘n’ Roll. But, like the hordes of Oblivion attacking Kvatch, pop and rap just seem to pour endless hordes into the marketplace.

It takes talent and experience be rock. AiC had both.

It’s sad that Rock ‘n’ Roll carries the poison of drug abuse. The libertarian (small “l”) side of me says, “All drugs should be legal. If someone destroys their life by abusing drugs, so be it.” The compassionate side says drugs should be legal so that those who really need them are not hindered by those who abuse them. The Charlie Sheen side of me says, “Let the tiger blood fight the ill effects.”

The conservative side of me says, “So long as people are not going to accept personal responsibility for their actions, drugs need to be controlled.” Along with that, I have compassion for the bystanders who suffer…the parents and siblings…the offspring…and even we, the admirers who watch a voice get silenced by another’s drug abuse.

I grew up around drug users. I have no tolerance for those who abuse drugs. I have no compassion for those abusers who say they have no means to stop, because they are addicted.

Until a person wants to quit, the effort they require of me to invest in their recovery is more than I want to pay. The payoff of such investments is not enough to warrant the investment.

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  1. Southern Man says:

    Nice writing; now on my blogroll. Found from a comment at Citizen Renegade.

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