Quantum Dating

The basic remise of Quantum Game is to game as many women as possible and you will be more successful than if you focused on just one.

Many guys think, “This girl special. I need to focus my efforts on her, so I can guarantee success.” They have this idea that if they concentrate their efforts, they increase their chances of success.


Repeat this mantra until it sinks in…PICKUP IS NEVER CHANCE.

Pickup is maximizing opportunities to get what you want.

You did not by chance meet an HB10 at the club because of chance. You do not make a connection by chance.

The reason you meet her and make a connection is by preparation and planning. You prepared by learning PUA Do. You met her at the club because you KNOW the club is where HB10s hang out. You make a connection because you have filled you life with skills and experiences that she is interested in.


Now that we got that out of the way, Quantum Game.

The first step to learning quantum game is to work on getting lots of phone numbers. It’s a baby step, and a phone number is worthless on its own. You cannot makeout with a phone number. You cannot get an erection from a phone number. You cannot be sexually satified with a number…well, you can if you are into that 1-900-phone sex thing, but otherwise, no.

If it is so worthless, then why is it an important step?

Because, once you learn that it is worthless, then you realize that all the steps are equally worthless until you get a live girl in front of you, on her knees or horizontal, or bent over.

Talking to a girl is not that important. Going out having a fun time with a girl is not very important. Doing a palm reading, the Cube, or a million other cool and fun things are not that important. Teaching her how to shoot a pistol is not that important.

What is important is finding the women you want and having sex with them. Having a great life and riding off into the sunset with them is what is important.

How does this apply to quantum?

Well, there are many steps to reach that point. First, you meet her somewhere. Then you attract her. Then you DHV. You go on a date. Then another. You build a connection. She gets comfortable with you. You have sex.

That’s a lot of steps. Anywhere along the way, one of you may decide that the relationship is not what you want. You invest time into her, and for one reason or another, it stops progressing. You might get irritated that her laugh sounds like a hyena in a blender. Maybe she does not like your job. Maybe you disagree politically and she is always preaching about saving polar bears from global warming.

Maybe something happened that neither of you control…you join the Army. She joins the Peace Corp. She gets hit by a bus. She gets the herp. She gets pregnant by her brother. Point is, there are many reasons why the connection fails on the way.

All of these steps are the path to sex. Along the way there are detours, some of which may never return to the main road.

So, if you focus on one girl at a time, you are using time. You invest your time. A week, a month, a year. You will not get that time back.

The fact is, you aren’t investing a week with her. You are investing moments of time with great spaces of time with no investment. Whether you directly spend time with her, or are in between those moments, time is being used.

Instead of wasting those blank moments, use those moments to work on additional women. That is, with one girl, you spend an hour on a Friday, bowling. You have a great time. But at the end of the hour, you part ways until another date, maybe sushi on Tuesday. Saturday…you do nothing. Sunday…you do nothing. Monday…you do nothing. OK, Monday, you spend five minutes confirming Sushi night…only to find out she has to go to her neice’s play on Tuesday and need to reschedule for Thursday. Tuesday…nothing. Wednesday…nothing.

Thursday…SUSHI! Yay.


Then at sushi, she talks incessantly about her cat, which she thought was funny that her cat would be jealous if he knew she was eating fresh fish and the cat gets Meow Mix.

She never mentioned the cat before. Unfortunately, you are deathly allergic to cat dander.

But, you decide to risk it because she is so hot. You head over to her place.

From the moment you open the door, the ammonia smell wafts out and nearly kills you. The only thing that saves you is that your sinuses are swollen due to an allergic reaction to cat dander as the feline ninja jumps on your face before you cross the threshold.

So, though you think she is fun and friendly, you cannot see yourself having a lasting relationship with catlady.

You invested a week on something that did not pan out.

Remember, pickup is not a game of chance. It is a series of events that leads either to sex or no where.

BUT, with quantum game…

Friday, you go bowling with HB10A. Saturday, you go to the club and meet HB10B. You make plans to meet up for pistol shooting on Monday. Sunday, you meet HB10C at the mall. You get her number but no plans are made.

Monday, you go pistol shooting and bounce to her place to shower before going to TGIFridays for Trivia night. Afterward, she invites you up to her place to watch a movie. You spend several hours making out. But, at 1am, she forgot to mention she has a boyfriend. After narrowly escaping through the bathroom window, you cross her off.

Tuesday, HB10A bails for her neice, so you call HB10C and she thinks sushi sounds great. You have a great time and laugh a bit. She kisses your cheek, before saying good night.

Wednesday, you call a girl you met the week before and she invites you to a party. You also call HB10C and she invites you out Saturday.

Thursday, HB10A goes to sushi and introduces you to her cat, Mr. Cardiac Arrest.

Friday, you meet another girl at the club. You also get three phone numbers.

With one-at-a-time-focus game, you get a brush with death.

With quantum game, in one week, you have invested time with four women, had fun bowling, went clubbing, sarged at the mall, went pistol shooting, showered together, played trivia, made out, got a story to share with your guy friends, went out for sushi twice, went to a party, made plans for another night, and met hellcat.

You might have met the same three women doing one-at-a-time game, but it would have been at least three weeks to get the same results, plus you may have blown off the Wednesday party girl.

Quantum physics: applying many little laws to identify a larger law.
Quantum Game: investing many little moments to achieve success with the women you want.

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