Do Not Walk a Girl down the aisle on the first date

Monogamy is a wonderful thing. To commit yourself to one person and have that person make the same commitment to you is honorable.

To commit to one person before you are ready, or before they commit totally to you, is a miserable thing. It is an enslavement that a person will take advantage of.

At first, sure the love will be mutual, and they say love covers a lot of faults. But, it is a romantic fool who thinks he is dating his potential mate on the first date.

You don’t know the woman! All you know is she is interested enough to agree to spend a few hours with you.

A marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman. The man commits that he accepts the responsibility to make sure her needs are met and that from now on, he is held responsible for everything she does. Her commitment is to be sexually loyal to one man and to support his actions as though he were God.

Wow, that sounds a lot different than what you’ve been taught, doesn’t it. You’ve been taught that marriage is where two people agree to be mutually exclusive sexually and to both share their financial commitments. But, that idea of marriage has only been around for about 60 years. Let’s see…10,000 years of traditional marriage versus 60 years of modern marriage…let’s go back to what worked before feminists screwed everything up.

Before modern marriage, the divorce rate was almost non-existent. Divorcees were shunned. Why was that? Because. For a guy, it meant he was incapable of keeping a promise. For the woman, it meant she was incapable of being sexually exclusive, or that she was incapable of putting another ahead of herself…that is she was a selfish bitch.

Today, divorce means that the arrangement was beneficial. No big deal. Just find another partner and try again. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Modern marriage has made it easy for a lazy woman to cash in. All she has to do is control a man enough to commit himself to her. Then, she can stop doing anything that attracted him to her, until he tires and wants out of the trap sprung on him, at which time it will cost half of all he owns to ransom himself.

So, if marriage is so messed up, whom do you marry?

Well, first, forget the notion of marrying because you love her. NEVER MARRY FOR LOVE! Love is not a reason to commit half of your life savings to someone. Love is a reason to do goofy stuff like writing poems about the Square of Three, and flying to Amsterdam after escaping a cockmeat sandwich from Big Bob.

Marriage is for a woman whom you desire to be the mother of your children. This needs to be a woman whose character is such that you know she will be diligent in making sure her children are clothed and fed, and that will teach her children to honor their father above all men.

And, you cannot know that on the first date.

So relax. You don’t know this woman on the first date. Go on the date with the attitude, “Woman, this is your first chance to show me that you are worthy of my time. Prove to me you are more than a sperm receptacle.”

Now, a woman as a sperm receptacle isn’t a bad thing. She’s craving a man to fill her as much as you are craving a woman to fill.

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