how to buy and care for suits

First, take a girl that is the kind of girl you want to game with you. She does not have to be a girl you plan on dating. It can be your brother’s wife. Just explain you want a woman’s opinion. That woman is going to dress you in the way that looks good to her. It will attract other girls just like her.

⁠ I usually buy her lunch, or if she sees something to wear that she thinks is cute, I buy that for her, if I have the cash.

⁠ Second, although custom tailored suits do look good, you can save a lot of money by buying off the rack and having it touched up by a tailor. Custom tailored=$1500 or more. Tailored off the rack=$300 to $500 for the suit + $100 for the tailoring.

⁠ Third, do not worry about this year’s fashion. Last year’s looks very good for many years and usually is about half the price.

⁠ Fourth, do not skimp on material quality. Better quality usually means it will last a lot longer. Cheaper material might look the same when bought, but will get thread bare much sooner.

⁠ Finally, if you are going to accessorize, buy quality. That $5 tie pin will make a $1500 suit look like $5. A $10 polyester tie will never fold right, but a $50 silk tie always looks sharp, even you don’t bother to tie it.

⁠ Oh, one last thing. Take special care of these. A crumpled tie, or a suit you left crumpled on the floor for a few days is going to be the attention grabber when someone sees you. And, it won’t be good attention. Also, get suits and ties dry cleaned by a high quality cleaner. $1.75 is ok for shirts, but not for expensive stuff. The cheap dry cleaners clean many items together. High quality cleaners clean single items at a time. Cheap cleaners will clean stuff, but high quality cleaners remove things like lint.


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