Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith runs like a Muppet

I laugh every time I see this video.

Living in a DC suburb, the East Coast earthquake was scary for me. Ironically, I was watching Austin Powers at the time, and Fat Bastard was walking into scene. Dr. Evil says it’s and earthquake, and I hear a rumble.

Due to my closeness to DC, my first thought was that it was a terrorist attack, because that morning, the police found a truck full of explosives. But, the noise kept going, and my house started shaking like Michael J. Fox when he’s off his meds. This went on for about 30 seconds.

After the first 10 seconds, my half-asleep brain realized it was an earthquake, so i headed for the door jam as the house started making cracking noises like it could fall any second.

For a few minutes afterward, I had motion sickness and lost my lunch a couple times.

Now, we are waiting for a down-graded hurricane.

Seems like the Lord is taking aim and if DC does not straighten up, He’ll send hellfire and brimstone. Whatever you do, don’t watch it.

Remember Lot’s wife.

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