Don’t Lie to Me

I don’t care what you do with your life, just don’t lie to me. If you lie to me, don’t insult my intelligence by making it easy to know you are lying to me. If you lie to me, make it for a noble reason other than protecting yourself.

Last night, I’m sitting and watching the football game. I get the distinct smell of someone blazing.

In our house, only one roommate smokes pot, so it wasn’t hard to know who it is. Yes, I know I have a rule about roommates having no illegal drugs. In the current living situation, I have no control over that. Fortunately, he usually locks himself in his room and keeps to himself.

The guy is fairly decent, except for the time he brought a group over and planned on smoking outside my door, at 11pm! So, as long as he doesn’t affect me, I leave him alone.

So, back to last night. I smell the weed floating through the house. It got sucked up by the ventilation system from his room and pushed it throughout the house. So, the place smells like pot smoke. The other day, someone mentioned I smell like pot but I paid no attention to it. Now, I know why they said that.

But, still, the guy is pretty a decent roommate, so I head to his basement door to give him a heads up that he needs to prepare for the landlord, who lives with us, to come home and ask him about it. My own personal motivation was to let him know his in-room smoking is not hidden, in the hopes he’ll stop smoking in the house.

When I knock on his door, it swings wide open. Dumb shit should have locked the door, or at least made sure it was shut.

Anyway, I give him the heads up. He denies smoking in the house, as he hides the joint in his hand. Stupid mother fucker knows I am a magician and can spot a palm a mile away, especially if the cherry glows in the dark and smoke wafts around his hand.

He gets up and starts arguing that he can’t smell anything. Of course he can’t. He’s hitting a high and his nose is full of pot smell so he can’t smell a damn thing. I try to reason with him and he starts going into a rant about how I don’t like him, how I am invading his life, and how he doesn’t trust me.

He says, “I don’t care how big you are, I’ll knock you out!” as he raises his fists. I step back, lift my fists in defense and tell him to bring it. He backs off.

I guess he really did care how big I am.

So then, he comments how I am racist because I don’t like him. I didn’t mention to you all that he’s black. The reason I didn’t…I don’t give a fuck about skin color.

What I do give a fuck about is that you are making me smell like a fucking pot head. I care about that the smoke I inhale might cause me to fail a drug test at my next job. If that happens, you won’t need to worry about my fists and how big I am, because I will fucking shoot you dead for destroying my security clearance.

OK, so, the pothead told me this: 1. He is selfish…he did not care how his actions affected others, so long as he got his buzz. 2. He has no problem lying to protect himself…even if I can see right through the lie. 3. He has no ability to control his tongue and makes threats before he considers the cost to him. 4. He is paranoid…by telling me, who has done nothing to cause him to not trust me other than letting him know that I do not want him lighting up around me, that he does not trust me. 5. He cannot be trusted…I learned somewhere that people who accuse others of something with no basis of evidence are doing so to justify their own shortcoming…a person who cannot be trusted will accuse others that they cannot be trusted, a person who steals justifies it by claiming to be the victim of theft, etc. 6. He is racist…I do not judge anyone based on skin color…I treat every one with respect until they prove to not be worthy of respect…but, the fact that race was even in his mind indicates that skin color matters to him, and that lowers his respectibility in my eyes…dumb racist fuck.

OK, some things. First, not all pot smokers are dumb racist fucks. If a person is truly loving and good natured, smoking pot will just make them more so. Pot, like alcohol, lowers a person’s ability to control their expressions and attitudes in social circles. It doesn’t affect everyone to the same extent…some can handle it.

Second, because you are a pot smoker does not make you a mortal enemy. Yes, it is illegal, but, I am not a cop, so I am not responsible for your actions. I grew up in a drug dealer/user’s home, so I do have a negative mark towards those who do smoke…blame my dumbass brother for that…having a gun pointed at your head because he won’t give some dirtbag some drugs for free kinda turns you a bit negative. But, I am not vehemently opposed to you smoking it, like someone who has no idea about pot. I am a libertarian, and if it were possible, I would make all drugs completely legal. My attitude is, go ahead, fuck yourself up. If you cannot do your job, then it gives me an advantage to take it. If you kill yourself, sure, I’ll be sad for a moment, but you’ll get the Darwin Award Drug Edition, so I won’t mourn long.

Some of the guys I know are pot smokers. They know I don’t care that they smoke. They also know not to do it around me.

Third, the illegality doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. The police don’t do a damn thing most of the time…having seen my brother get arrested and released the same night so many times, I could not count, I know that the law against pot is just a joke.

Finally, if you smoke pot, I do not care. Just as long as it doesn’t affect me, do whatever the hell you want with your life.

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3 Responses to Don’t Lie to Me

  1. MK says:

    Interesting episode there. I like the way you handle it perhaps I’d do the following:

    1. Ask him to invest in some kind of dispersal mechanism (not sure whats out there but I am sure something sucks it up so it spread as much)

    2. Do some research to check about exposure and drug tests. I think you’d be ok but midaswell check.

    3. Let him know again it was weak to call you a racist and ask specific events for evidence if he sticks to it (which he sounds like he didn’t)

    Good luck

  2. snooky22302 says:

    you know dude you rock for saying something i mean i would of done the same thing if a dude tried to lie to me if it was right in his hand so, RIGHT ON DUDE!!!!!

  3. snooky22302 says:

    i love your paragraph do you take grammer or something?

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