rarely will i do this, but…

I rarely endorse boycotts, because I have seen them be very effective in the past; except in the 1980s and 1990s when Focus On the Family boycotted stores that snubbed Christmas. However, ESPN stepping on the toes of free speech while allowing its affiliates to spew hatred without repercussions, is too much to be ignored.

So, this thread is one of those rare times I will ask you all to join me in boycotting Monday Night Football. I would say boycotting it for the rest of the season is enough.

Since Bocefus, whom I do not have much positive to say…his form of music corrupted country, by adding too much rock…but, his father and his son, I enjoy a lot…since he has said it was his decision to walk away and take everything with him, I won’t say keep it going until they restore him, but if they do, let’s call it off. If they apologize for limiting freedom of speech, then let’s call iot off.

This is not an argument about ESPN being a free company that can do what they want. I understand that. But, they make their money by viewers, and I am one, and you are another. By limiting their ratings, they will feel it.

Also, if you have control of the remote, avoid watching ESPN as much as possible. Sure, I know their input is priceless to you fantasy guys, so I understand. But, to monitor the games, turn to other resources, such as the web.

Having said that, let’s all tune in this week to see whether they use that lame corruption of “I Hate Myself For Loving You” that they use on ABC on Sundays.

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