Cain drops out

I am disappointed and at the same time at peace with Herman Cain’s stepping away from the presidential race. Disappointed because he added life to the conversation. He was the guy who offered a right of center/left of conservative idea…9/9/9 is an example. Also, the look everyone got when they wanted to criticize him. The look on their faces was that of, “how do I say he is an idiot without sounding racist?”

BTW, a person who is NOT racist will not get that face. They will react to a black man the same way they react to a white man. That is because color truly does not matter. If a white guy stops for even a moment to make sure how he says something, he is worrying about racism. That means race matters to him…thus he is a racist.

At the same time, I am at peace. The attacks he suffered have gotten the attention instead of the conservative message. A few more need to step down, just for lack of numbers, and put their support behind another like-minded candidate. I would like to see Cain, Paul, and Bachmann put their support behind Santorum.

Unfortunately, in the past, we have seen dropouts put their support behind the “leader” in hopes of getting a cabinet position.

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