Davis & Williams Suspended for Drugs


My first reaction was of disgust. Then after a moment of rage, I tried to assess the situation.

Let me state out front, though I live a piss arc away from DC, I am NOT a ‘Skins fan. Growing up near Chicago, for years, I was a Bears fan. Actually, I am still, a Ditka fan. When the Bears got rid of Ditka, I dropped the Bears. I followed him to the Saints and stayed with them since And it is just as well…the only thing successful in Chicago since then is Devn Hester. The man just might create a new draft position…KR…I’d like to see that, because NFL teams should be able to hire a few more players. (Brian Uhlacher is also impressive.)

And speaking of hiring players, adjust the salary cap. Instead of having a solid cap, allow each team five superstar players that do not get included in the cap. That way, if an owner really believes that the key to a successful team is a solid front line, he can pay top dollar to build an o-line that is literally a gold brick wall.

Back to my origianl rant.

This explains the Redskins’ play for the past couple years. Prior to that, maybe Dan Snyder should have been tested for drugs.

Before I get angry, I first need to remember that my own team, the Saints, had a substance abuser, who is still playing, except the Saints did the right thing and cancelled Ricky Williams contract.

And, that should be the action of every team that has a drug-user…cancel their contract, revoke their bonus. Kick them to the curb and let them get clean. If after that, they realize their actions destroyed the best thing going for them,let them work to get back in.

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