Make sure you are ready for the Afterlife before you deal with this life

Steve Appleton, CEO of Micron Computers, 51, dead.

For my younger readers, 51 might seem old. For everyone over 26, if you were to die @ 51, your life is already half over. For me, it would be 90% over.

But, people die at every age. So, before you do anything else, I highly recommend you get the afterlife taken care of.

To do that, it is simple. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord. That is, instead of ruling your own life, let Him be the master of it. The cool thing is, He is far better at planning our lives than we ever could. A promise from the Bible is that if we set our focus on doing His will, he will give us the desires of our hearts.

Once you have that settled, pursue the desires of your heart. Appleton did. He loved stunt flying. Sure he died doing it, but he traded quantity of life for quality of life.

Think about it. If you lock yourself away from everything, you might live to be 120 years old. But, your heart will cry out. Your soul will die long before your body does.

The key is to time the death of your soul with the death of your body.

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