How About Now?

“Are we there, yet?” comes from the booster seat resting on top of the back seat.

“Not yet,” Dad replies from behind the steering wheel.

A few minutes pass…

“How about now?”


“How about now?”

“Now?” “No!” “Now?” “No!” “Now?” “No!” “Now?” “No!” “Now?” “No!”

Soon, Dad stops the car on the shoulder. The back seat is silent, knowing the another peep means the belt.

Satisfied that fear has sent the message and it registered, Dad drives on.

“Are we there, yet?” comes again from the back seat.

The news pundits are the kid in the back seat. Every morning, we hear, “Have we got a nominee, yet?”

“No.” There’s a ton of states to go through. News people, shut up until we get there. What are you going to do once we get the nominee, you’ll start having daily polls, “If the election was today…” will be the lead story. Then, once the election is finished, tomorrow’s headline will be, “Who will be the next challenger?”

Shut up! Do your fucking job…if you remember it…report the news. Drop the speculators. Let the talking heads do that.

If you don’t, we’ll stop the car and stop listening to you.

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