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Frank Serpico has always been a hero to me. Watch the movie, “Serpico” if you haven’t.

He is a man who saw corruption and did not let it corrupt him. Not only that, but he did what he needed to do to fight it.

A man is only worth his character. The moment you sell out, you are worthless. Even those who are corrupt value a man of character. They know they cannot affect him. They fear him, because all of the tools they know to use to control others does not work on the man of character.

Everything a corrupt man does is not to control an incorrupt man. The corrupt man’s actions are to reveal the chink in the incorrupt man’s armor. And that chink is where he will slip the dagger poisoned with corruption, until you corrupt from within.

The man who is outwardly incorrupt, but inwardly corrupt is worse than the man who is totally corrupt. This is because the man who is totally corrup is treated as such.

The man who is corrput inside but appears incorruptable on the outside is trusted. People entrust him. But, his corrupt nature means he will only adhere to his word so long as it is to his advantage.

Serpico could have easily taken the simple road of going along with the corruption and lived life as a NY police officer and retire with a shield and died with full honors. Instead, he summoned his character and faced the corruption and made a difference.

I am not saying Frank Serpico is pure as the wind-driven snow. I do not know him personally. And, the Bible says we ALL have a sin nature. I am just saying that as an example of a man who has character.

If you want to be a man, keep your character. If you have already compromised and corrupted your character, the good news is, you can be a man of character from now onward. The bad news is, the road for a man of charater is never easy, and for the one determined to tourn his life around today, the road is much harder and longer.

But, as one who hasn’t allowed the corruption to corrupt me, and part of that is because of the example of Frank Serpico, the rewards are worth it, even if the only reward is that I can sleep with a clean conscience.

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