Never Justify Going Against Your Word

Men need to get their companionship from other men. Women are not reliable social partners. Men of character will stand by their word, to the point it kills them. A woman will not. Instead she will justify herself for going against her word. This is not a mysoginstic attitude. It is a difference between men and women. (Like when a woman asked a question that someone doesn’t want to talk about, if the answer is, “It’s complicated,” a woman understands that the other doesn’t want to talk about it. If you tell a man, “It’s complicated,” he’ll say, “Then simplify it for me, so I get the jist of it.” It’s not that men are better than womne. We are just different.”)

Women say things like:
“Is that what you meant? I didn’t know.” – This said when she agreed to something I requested, but when she failed to do it, she said this, when what I requested was simple enough to a 5-year old that it was absolutely clear.
“I don’t remember agreeing to that.” – They use this when the agreement was absolutely clear. This way, they have an out that only slightly soils them in that they admit to having a faulty memory.
“I didn’t think you would want me to do that because…” – This excuse is used to make it look like they did what you wanted, even when it was exactly what you did not want.
“What? Did you want me to hurt/kill/injure myself?” – This is the final fallback they use when all their other excuses fail. The result is, they make you look like an asshole for wanting harm to come to them. I have a buddy, whose wife justified sleeping with another guy while he was overseas serving in Iraq this way. She said, “I was absolutely horny, and going out of my mind because of it. I am sorry I slept with him, but I did it to keep my sanity. Did you want me to go crazy? I mean, bat-shit, see a psychiatrist, get on medication, crazy?” She then added, “I knew you would not want that because you could not afford that with what the army is paying you.” And, the final argument she offered was, “Besides, it was only that one time.” (Turns out it wasn’t the only time, nor the only guy. It was the only one time he found out about…which technically means she did not lie to him.)

Guys, if you use any of these excuses to justify rgoing back on your word given to another man, just go buy a box of extra large tampons, because you are a major pussy. Use them with women all you want, because this is how they communicate and cannot understand the concept of honor and character.

Use them on me, you better run, because I will punch you in the area where a man’s dick is…where yours was.

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