Mona Charen – Can We Still Call Men Heroes?

It is sad that it takes the death of a man for his life to be appreciated.

Everyday men are making sacrifices for those they love. A man will go do a job where he is unappreciated and where his wife will call him selfish for not spending more time with the family but he doesnt so he can put food on the table and keep of roof over their heads off his family.

He will sacrifice his leisure in order to pay for the education of the children. He will stay faithful to his wife though she has long stopped trying to look attractive to him, long stopped speaking to him in the gentle way that got his attention in the first place.

How many men who have sacrificed themselves for their family, mourn the loss of their father or husband, but earlier in the day complained about the man who is now gone?

One case in point is my father in law. He dedicated his life to support his wife and 5 children. He was the patriarch of the family. Yet just the morning before the injury that led to his death, his wife, my mother in law was complaining by phone to my wife about how lazy he is how selfish he is…etcetera. Just months before his sons were complaining about him. His daughters talked about how he was old and should be in a nursing home because the attention he required was too much for their mother.

The sons’ complaints were that the values he tried to instill im them and their children old fashioned. The attention he required from is wife was that she would wake up and making breakfast and make sure he took his medicine for his heart.

I love him as my own father because my own father was never around.

But the day after his death, his family acted like they had have your heart ripped out of their body. Had to act this way while he was alive he probably would survive many more years. Based on what I saw it was there though he gave up his life because he was tired of being unappreciated.

If there is a man in your life that you understand is making a sacrifice for you, let him know how much you appreciate him before he is laid 6 feet in the grave because when that happens he can’t hear you anymore.

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