Civil unrest

I am concerned. There is a lot of civil unrest under the surface.

Do you remeber the race riots of the 1960s? How about the L. A. riots in 1992? It is nothing compared to what is waiting. Largely…if not totally…due to the re-election of President Obama, the fear of socialism has grown and may trigger
some unstable and dangerous people to attempt civil disobedience similar to the Jewish and French rebellions against Nazi Germany during WW2. The response of the government will be to constrict rights to control things…it will become like communist china or the strict laws of Singapore. This will force some states to secede from the USA and form a new nation. And this may cause a civil war.

This is just a prediction. It all stems on the level of socialism forced upon our nation.

If any of my readers are supporting secession, think about this…

Most of the elected Republicans are getting behind the movement to drop all conservative ideals in order to attract a larger number of voters; do you want THEM writing your NEW CONSTITUTION?

The power vacuum created by secession will be filled by the same failures we have today because they have the political skills that better men ignored, instead focusing on success in life.

Instead of sucession, these secession people should find an uninhabited land mass and begin anew. I am sure if every person who signed the WHITE HOUSE’s secession petition pooled $1000 each, they coould buy a large portion of Mexico’s Pacific Coast and they would have a decent plot of land to start anew…Mexico might even throw in Acapulco since it has degraded from the vacation resort it once was.

One more thing to think about. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for the concept of a possible freedom for people you do not know? Are you willing to sacrifice you children?

Nearly 1,000,000 men sacrificed their lives the last time a portion of our nation seceeded.

Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of you and your children knowing that in around 1500 days, the current regime will be gone?

I am not.

Having said that, if we found ourselves under an unrecoverable unending tyranny, THAT IS ANOTHER STORY.

For 40 years, statists have been itching for a way to rewrite th Constitution. Secession would be their ticket.

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