Re: A message from a Vietnam Vet friend

Sent via email to me by a Vietnam Vet whose name you would not believe if I told you (and since I am posting this without his permission, his name is withheld) (also, I did some editting to make the paragraphs easier to read):

I truely believe we’re witnessing the imminent demise of the greatest country in the history of the earth, the United States of America, by so-called Americans, including Veterans and Gold Star Moms, who apparently care more about themselves/their personal agendas than our great country. To wit, yesterday, Veterans Day:

-Rockville Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Park-

Walking toward Veterans Park from the designated parking lot I caught up with and passed by a senior couple. The man was wearing what from a distance had appeared to be some sort of Veteran’s cap, but as I got closer I saw “OBAMA” embroidered across the back and as I passed by I saw the Presidential Seal on the front and “Barack Obama II, 44th President” embroidered on the top of the bill.

I was very tempted to say something, like “Excuse me sir, but Veterans Day is about honoring Veterans not promoting politics.”, but decided not to. I couldn’t help noticing that they both sat uncaringly during the entire ceremony…Invocation, Presentation of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, Presentation of Wreaths by 12 Veterans organizations, 21 Gun Salute, Taps and Benediction.

The Guest Speaker, Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Michael Marceau, gave about a 20-minute speach on “The Costs Of The Vietnam War”…not the costs to our Vietnam Veterans mind you but, rather, the costs our Vietnam Veterans inflicted on Vietnam under the guise of America wanting to impose it’s will on Vietnam.

After about 5-minutes I damn near stood up to yell “TRAITOR” and leave, but decided not to. That TRAITOR never said one good word about his fellow Vietnam Veterans and also sat uncaringly during the Presentation of Wreaths (two of which were by local Vietnam Veterans organizations and one of which was by a local Disabled Veterans organization), the 21 Gun Salute, Taps and the Benediction. This morning I did a little research on him –turns out he is President of a local (Rockville/Silver Spring) chapter of Veterans For Peace (“VFP”) and was amongst several VFP members who returned to Vietnam and APOLOGIZED for what America did.

I’m gonna write a letter of protest to the Mayor.

According to VFP’s web-site, when Auburn WA initially refused to let the VFP march in yesterday’s Veterans Day Parade the VFP and ACLU sued…and won.

-Arlington National Cemetery-

As I always do, after visiting my father [his father has passed away and is buried at Arlington] for awhile I walked over to where others were visiting their (and our) HEROS of Iraq & Afghanistan, carrying with me a couple dozen 8″x12″ American Stick Flags to give to them to adorn the gravesite of their (and our) HEROS.

One particular group stood out from all the rest…8-10 people, two adult women and 6-8 kids, gathered around a headstone wearing white long-sleeve sweatshirts imprinted with a large full-color photo of their (and our) HERO along with his name, rank, branch of service, date of birth, date of death, and where he was killed. After paying my respects to the mother (there was no adult male there), I asked her if she would like an American Stick Flag for her son’s gravesite…saying yes and thanking me she then pointed to the other adult woman and said “She’s also a Gold Star Mom”. The second woman was wearing an all-white dress (more like a nurse’s uniform), holding/standing beside a 2′ x 4′ (TWO FEET WIDE x FOUR FEET TALL)full-color poster of her Marine Corps daughter and wearing a gold name badge imprinted with (her name), “Vice-President, Maryland Chapter, Gold Star Moms”.

After noting the latter and paying my respects I offered her an American Stick Flag, which she took and thanked me for. After chit-chatting a bit I bid all of them well-wishes and THEN notice that the headstone of the first woman’s HERO was encircled with at least a dozen 4″x6″ American Stick Flags and the one I had given her was sticking out of her “picnic basket” (in other words, I should have kept it and given it to someone who needed an American Stick Flag for the grave of their and our HERO), and the American Stick Flag I had given to the second woman (a Vice-President of Gold Star Moms mind you) was laying flat on the ground behind the huge poster of her daughter. Not that I ever expect it, but no member of this group expressed their thanks to me for my service (I was wearing my “Vietnam Veteran” cap). Oh yeah, they were all wearing “FORWARD -OBAMA 2012” campaign buttons.

I’m gonna write a letter of protest to the Gold Star Moms.

God Bless America

God Bless Our Troops


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