Don’t be a Sheep

The reason I like scuba diving and flying is because those two activities allow you do do whatever you want, whenever you want, with physics being your only barriers.

Think about this…everyday, we are hearded like sheep wherever we go.
You wake up, walls restrict you from going whatever direction, and you are forced to exit by only a few exits. (Sometimes, I will crawl out of a window just to show life I am not a sheep to be corraled. Not really…that would be wierd.)
You get in your car. You have to follow designated paths, like a sheep in a trough heading to the slaughter.
You get to work. You are not allowed to do whatever you want. Instead, you have more walls to control you, and you are worked to the benefit of someone else.
You get back in your car and drive to the local watering hole…again you are controlled by white and yellow lines and can only drive as directed.
You finish an average meal and once again sheepily drive home.
You head back to your pen, to sleep and wake again the next day to do it again.

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