I Curse the City of Chicago

As with most people today,  money is very tight for me. Each dollar I spend takes a prybar to open my fingers from clenching said cash.

I saved up to be able to see my dad.  He is dying. He has leukemia.

Flying out of O’Hare, I have to wait until tomorrow for my flight. As a result, I have found this is a city of people who value a quick buck over all else.

The prime example is the taxis. I catch a cab at the airport. The city pays guys to hail cabs. Something I could do myself, but no, you cannot hail a cab yourself.

I tell the cab hailer where I am staying. He tells the cabbie the address. Sounds simple, right?

Nope. The cabbie will drive away for a mile before asking the address. You are held captive. And, he will purposely miss the turn so he can add miles to tge fare. You are being hijacked.

I curse this city! I decry that you will have no championship in any sport until you repent and learn to love your fellow human being and not see him as a target to rob.

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