Well, at least the Pirates of Penzance won’t hold me prisoner

Last week, at Midnight, my father passed away. My mom passed a couple months before.

So, now I am an orphan.

It’s a good thing they both taught me that I was on my own, long ago.

A year after starting this blog, I did some reflection. I needed to deal with my bitterness towarss his abandoning me when I was young. I would call him once a month.

In each call, you could hear the regret in his voice. Regret that he let me separate from him.  Regret that he didn’t make an effort to reconcile sooner.

He knew he had a limited amount of time, after being diagnoses with Leukemia. Well, the disease finally took his life.

As a tribute, my next post will be about the things he did teach me. It will be a while, because every time I start, I start crying.

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