When i was 5, my father left my mother. The details are not important as to why he was not around for me. Until I turned 18, I spent more time watching the mini-series Shogun than my father spent with me.

We have since reconciled, and I call him once in a while, but all I have learned to be a man, I had to learn from three sources:

1. Life experiences – When you have no one to teach you what you need to know, you make mistakes and if you are smart, you learn from those mistakes. I am fairly smart…157 IQ, as tested by MENSA…so I learned a lot this way. If I did not need to “re-invent the wheel” to figure out how to solve issues, I think I would be much farther along in my life, and far more successful. FATHERS, BE SURE TO TAECH YOUR BOYS EVERYTHING YOU CAN; DO THIS TO GUARANTEE A FASTER ROAD TO SUCCESS FOR THEM, AND A FARTHER TRIP DOWN THE ROAD TO SUCCESS.

2. Other men – Friends have been a good source of learning to be a man. The problems are that they are not farther along than I am and that many people are motivated for selfish reasons…since they are not blood relation, it is rare to find an altruist who only does what he does because it is the right thing to do.

3. My mom – My mother understood that as the only guide in my early life, she was going to need to prepare me for adulthood. As a rough woman raised on a farm, she was able to teach me many things that allow me to be independent; independence is key to being a man. Unfortunately, her perspective is that of a woman, and that meant I had to unlearn some things.


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  1. Sivarak says:

    Hey man, You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.
    Definitely some interesting, informative reads.


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